Renovation and Restoration of a Historic Urban Villa

German Haimerl Architekten were hired to completely renovate this property, and to adapt it to upscale modern standards. The villa was built in 1883, and suffered through many changes over the years. The rooms had been made smaller, windows were walled over, and the façade was visually ruined by an addition. Furthermore, the property was left vacant for a few years, allowing it to deteriorate further.

The extensive renovation and retrofitting measures were also subject to the strictest historical monument protection rules. German Haimerl Architekten took comprehensive measures: the building was almost completely gutted, all of the alterations and installations were removed, and the original condition of the impressive building was restored. The 1920s-era addition had distorted the building’s harmonious historical appearance. The old addition was replaced by a new glass addition as the foyer.

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